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About the owner

Owner Peter Kyriazis has over 20 years in the industry, including a degree in Horticulture, experience in landscaping and garden design and a passion for his work.


His mantra is to help make people's gardening experience a successful and enjoyable one. If your looking for inspiration, or that hard to find plant I'm sure we'll be able to find something that will suit your needs.

How we Began:

Coolart Nursery began as a small off shoot to a Coolstore and packing shed that was part of my parents orchard business. Over the years it grew in both size and range, especially after I finished my Horticultural degree and decided to concentrate on it full time. At the start the nursery was like most conventional nurseries buying in plants and selling them in a retail manner.


Slowly however over time we stated growing our own plants, and enjoyed that this allowed us to increase our range but also cut our the middle man and sell our stock at wholesale prices. Pretty soon it became clear the our customers really appreciated the wholesale range so over time we expanded this range, to include potting up our own roses, fruit trees and ornamental trees. Also having the space to grow on our own stock also allows us to grow more advanced stock which is great for instant gardens. Of course to complement this we still buy in lots of stock from all over Australia to compliment our range of home grown plants to give our customers the a comprehensive range not found in ordinary nurseries. 


Where we are Today:

Today we are rewarded by the success of the Nursery. Household gardens are an iconic part of the Australian life style and it is a satisfying experience to observe the enthusiasm of our visitors and to help customers realise and find a real joy in gardening.

It is our goal to provide knowledgable and accurate advice, charming displays and a range at competitive prices to offer customers a relaxed, enjoyable shopping experience.

Looking into the Future:

Coolart Nursery owes its success to the vision and passion of Peter Kyriazis and the hard working staff who have been employed over the various years the nursery has been open. Our vision is to not only provide our customers with a massive range of plants all at great prices, but to provide knowledge and hands on service, so our customers have a successful gardening experience the first time round.

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